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8 Things to know about YWAM in Perth, Australia

1 – You will be transformed This one is a disclaimer. If you don’t want to your life to change, if you don’t want to … Continued

By tessanoble
on Jan 28, 2016


Being Moved by the Greatest Story Ever Told

Not long ago, I watched a story. I enjoy stories, I like examining them, pulling them apart, being led around on a fun narrative journey. … Continued

By Ben M
on Dec 15, 2015


Art Paves the Way through Closed Country

A short time ago, I had the opportunity to travel to a closed country in Asia and witness incredible advances in the hearts and minds … Continued

By Meghan Dineen
on Sep 23, 2015


Luau – A Night to Remember

On Saturday the 31st of January, Island Breeze ministry from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Perth organized a Luau  as a fundraising event for a new building which would host 96 students … Continued

By Gabriella
on Jul 13, 2015


Finding Hope in Tragedy

Impact World Tour: an evangelistic campaign where Island Breeze, Team Extreme and GX international tour together through a region to Impact it for the glory of God in creative … Continued

By Michelle Hecker
on Jan 30, 2015


This Quarter…

We’ve already finished our fourth week from our October Sports Disciple Training School (DTS) and it’s sensational! I am proud to be part of the biggest … Continued

By Gero Dusil
on Dec 30, 2014


Art ‘Evandalism’

What would your response be if someone vandalised your art? The article below reminds me of a story I heard recently, an illustration from Vishal … Continued

By Andrea L
on Jun 11, 2014


Something Worth Saying – Missions Through Art

Written by one of our long term workers in Asia Imagine you’re one of very few foreigners on the street, and then you’re painting a … Continued

By Andrea L
on May 13, 2014


Jesus Adventures in the Land Down Under

I’ve officially finished week 1 in Perth. I feel like I’ve been here much longer than that already and things are just now starting to … Continued

By alisonlaney
on Feb 10, 2014


The Song Test

Plato said in his Republic, “give me the songs of a nation and I care not who writes its laws“. I have to say I … Continued

By Christel Knight
on Dec 19, 2013


Socially Constructed Me

Recently I have been pondering one of the most deep and intimate questions we can ask, who am I? There is the idea that we … Continued

By Christel Knight
on Dec 19, 2013


Reclaiming the Bible from the Fringe of Society

An Interesting Series of Events On March 3, 2013 the mini-series The Bible first aired on A&E Network’s History channel. The first week viewing by … Continued

By Joshua
on Oct 7, 2013